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Worthy, Loved, Enough, Capable

Worthy, Loved, Enough, Capable


Worthy, Loved, Enough, Capable by New Crowns and Thrones.

These stunning pieces feature a beautiful black woman adorned with butterflies in her hair, each design bearing a powerful word that speaks to the heart of our faith.

With "Worthy," we are reminded that we are all children of God, deserving of love and grace no matter our past mistakes or shortcomings. "Loved" reminds us of the unending love of our Savior, who gave everything to save us from our sins. "Enough" speaks to our value as individuals, created in the image of God and endowed with unique talents and abilities. And "Capable" inspires us to step out in faith, trusting that with God's help we can overcome any obstacle and accomplish great things in His name.

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