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Psalm 116:7 Scripture Prayer Tote Bag

Psalm 116:7 Scripture Prayer Tote Bag

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Psalm 116:7 Scripture Prayer Tote Bag by Good Gifts From Above.

I must encourage and tell myself to have inner peace and not worry any more, because Yahweh has done very good things for me. Ps. 116:7

No frills, no fluff Scripture Products. Just the unadulterated Word of God. Most products are white text on a black background, which represents the light of the Word of God piercing through the darkness of this world. Use these products for scripture memorization, declaration, and manifestation. These are powerful tools for anyone seeking to mature in the Word of God, as we were instructed to "... lay up these My words in your [minds and] hearts and in your [entire] being..." Deuteronomy 11:18, AMPC

Scriptures are based on T4T (Translation For Translators) Copyright © 2008-2017 Ellis W. Deibler, Jr.

Some Scriptures are paraphrased.

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