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Floral Royalty

Floral Royalty

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Floral Royalty by LaKenya Monique,

Once upon a time, in the peaceful land of Edenia, there lived a woman who had a heart as delicate and pure as a flower, yet she was trapped in a silent storm of covert abuse. Lily was the wife of a man who had once professed his love for her with tender words, like petals dancing in the wind. However, as time went on, his love transformed into something far from beautiful...

Under his authoritarian rule, her spirit withered like a wilting flower deprived of sunlight. She was stripped of her voice and freedom, forced to wear a mask of submission. The people of Edenia, who saw her as a symbol of grace and strength, were unaware of the darkness that shrouded her days.

One day, as Lily knelt in prayer beneath a magnificent floral arch, she felt God's Divine Presence surrounding her. It was as if the very essence of Edenia's blossoms whispered words of encouragement into her soul. She realized that true royalty was not found in the oppressive reign of a man, but in the love and acceptance of her Heavenly Father. With newfound courage, she made a vow to break free from the chains that bound her.

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