DOER Jogger DTG Print ReelLife Review

DOER Jogger DTG Print ReelLife Review

We will discuss the DTG printing process used on most of our products. Watch our DOER DTG Print ReelLife Review to learn more.

Our joggers come from a different manufacturer than our shirts, hoodies, etc., so the blacks will not be the same shade (read our Jogger Colors post). We include a disclaimer in the jogger description so that you are aware of this and are not disappointed.

We recommend pairing these with a top that has black in it, but not all black sleeves (unless they are short sleeves) or all black background in the front or back of the garment). If an exact match in the shade of black doesn't bother you, feel free to make your purchase.

Now that that's out of the way let's talk about DTG printing. What is it?

The direct-to-garment (DTG) printing technique is commonly used on our fabrics. It involves spraying ink onto garments and soaking it into the clothing fibers. This printing method does not sit on top of the fabric, which prevents the material from feeling stiff and cracking over time.


GGFA Store Mockups

We aim to provide you with mockups of the actual product but can only do so once we have it in our hands. We take full responsibility for the products we sell, even though third-party companies manufacture them. Ultimately, manufacturing printing and quality errors are the faults of the manufacturer.

Mockups on our store are used with computer-generated images, and some are from third-party apps with generic shirts and models. We use these so you can get an idea of how it looks in real life. The designs are the files we send to the printer, and due to the printing process, material, and manufacturing, they may look different than the mockup image. Read our Final Product Disclaimer.

ReelLife Product Reviews

We try to order as many samples as possible to avoid surprises and ensure that the quality meets our standards. We also conduct ReelLife Reviews on various products to get a sense of how the product looks and feels in "real life.' Although there may still be products that manage to slip through quality control on their end, resulting in bad reviews and returns for us, that is a price we will have to pay... for now.


Watch additional photos of the joggers


DOER DTG Print ReelLife Review 

Jogger Colors 

Final Product Disclaimer.


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